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  1. NWC

    Funny Gifs

    This one just makes me laugh out loud every time.
  2. NWC

    USAA Will Cover Pay for Any Member Affected by the Schumer Shutdown

    If this is protracted, on February 1st, military members will be able to get interest free loans. Continue Reading
  3. NWC

    Just testing...

  4. NWC

    Just testing...

    Well to get a trophy, you actually have to DO something, more than special snowflake rewarding coaches ever do.
  5. NWC

    Married but Looking.

    ;) uh huh...
  6. NWC

    Net Neutrality is Dead

    I don't understand this. Can someone help me here...? Democrats want net neutrality. Which gives more control to the government... Run by this guy: Why?
  7. NWC

    Upcoming movies

    I totally agree on Annihilation. The monster crap ruined it.
  8. NWC

    AOL does not accept mail from this site

    Thanks, I am actually working with AOL now to see if they can unblock our server from their spam system filter.
  9. NWC

    About that Luntz focus group...

    Wow, I'm surprised no one beat the crap out of him...
  10. NWC

    Assassin's Creed Origins - Anyone Have This Yet?

    So I just started playing this game, I got it in the last Steam sale. I just purchased top of the line hardware for my PC (Intel Coffee Lake i78700k processor + MSI Z370 ProCarbon Motherboard, 32 GB DDR 3200 ram, solid state drive, Geforce 1070 TI) and I wanted to test it out with this game...