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    WP in, WP out?

    OK, I was reading the PR thread and found I could log into the site through the member sign in and post. Now I can't. Was there some kind of goings on earlier today that let me in and now blocks me out?
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    Gaston Beef Stew from The Joy of Cooking

    Re: your open thread post. I guess it doesn't matter about the spammers, because no one uses the forum. I thought this was going to be a place to post since I deleted and will not resign up with Disqus, but I guess not. On topic note, I'm surprise Bizcuck isn't posting recipes here....
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    Guess we're not keeping WP comments?

    Disqus commenting back up, WP commenting disappeared. Well, back to radio silence I guess....
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    How 'bout this forum!!!!

    No need, I guess. Bizcuck Commander is back on the scene. All we need is to get out our Cuck 'Coder Ring and read every third word of his posts....
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    How 'bout this forum!!!!

    Guess no one really uses this forum. I thought this was supposed to be a new hangout for the commenters...
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    Tired of Winning

    You don't think they'll try? With Zombie McCain, Flake, and the other RINOs just itching to stick it to President Trump....
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    Sparta Report not allowing comments

    I just saw that on Pajama Media too. Perhaps Disqus won't let you see either unless you sign your life away. I still have had no one answer me if they were going to sign on to the intrusive EU rules or not. Maybe the mods will reinstate our native commenting system. I still read, but don't...
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    Anyone leaving Disqus?

    I guess not. Over thirty views, but no response....
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    Anyone leaving Disqus?

    With these new protocols and privacy rules, is anyone going to close down Disqus account?
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    My First Revolver

    Model 19 S&W
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    My First Semi-auto

    Bulgarian Makarov, manufacture date unknown.
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    Married but Looking.

    Crap! I did it the hard way....