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  1. NWC

    Slide Fire closing it's doors tomorrow, May 20, 2018

    Thanks for posting this Nova
  2. NWC

    Introducing myself

  3. NWC

    Greetings, Sparticles!!

    HA HA HA HA!
  4. NWC

    DISQUSted too?

    What do you mean by that?
  5. NWC

    Tin Foil Hat Brigade

    Hmmm... they aren't tyrannical, they just espouse a commonsense philosophy and you wingnutz are just too stupid to see or understand why they are right.
  6. NWC

    Greetings, Sparticles!!

    Oh of course it's definitely Patrick and his rat.
  7. NWC

    Tin Foil Hat Brigade

    Wow. I didn't know that the Illuminati conspiracy theory was that old either. Where is the link, RockyMtnGirl?
  8. NWC

    Introducing me.

    Hey avgjo!
  9. NWC

    Poll: How Likely are You to Get Involved in the Political Process?

    I will make the open thread about the forums tomorrow so people will know this exists. :)
  10. NWC

    Dow Jones Closes up by More Than 650 Points

    Yeah, it has been a disgrace the way America's politicians have been acting for so long.
  11. NWC

    Dow Jones Closes up by More Than 650 Points

    I guess the Trade Wars are over? Read More
  12. NWC

    Introducing me.

    Hi Nightmare+, I'm planning on writing an article on the main site alerting people to the existence of this forum, we haven't been really advertising it!
  13. NWC

    Your Every Blade of Grass - Yamamoto quote

    Correct, noted in the article.
  14. NWC

    Forum Posting Rules

    We understand this is a political forum and things will get heated sometimes, and we’d prefer not to behave in a heavy-handed way. In most cases, users can expect at least one clear warning if we think things are getting out of hand, and a polite requests to cool off. Past a certain point, we...
  15. NWC

    Rules and post guidelines please.

    Welcome, they are the same rules as the main site here: I will post a thread to the forums containing this information for future users.
  16. NWC

    Funny Gifs

    This one just makes me laugh out loud every time.
  17. NWC

    USAA Will Cover Pay for Any Member Affected by the Schumer Shutdown

    If this is protracted, on February 1st, military members will be able to get interest free loans. Continue Reading
  18. NWC

    Just testing...

  19. NWC

    Just testing...

    Well to get a trophy, you actually have to DO something, more than special snowflake rewarding coaches ever do.
  20. NWC

    Married but Looking.

    ;) uh huh...