Assassin's Creed Origins - Anyone Have This Yet?

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Staff member
Dec 2, 2017
So I just started playing this game, I got it in the last Steam sale. I just purchased top of the line hardware for my PC (Intel Coffee Lake i78700k processor + MSI Z370 ProCarbon Motherboard, 32 GB DDR 3200 ram, solid state drive, Geforce 1070 TI) and I wanted to test it out with this game.

MAAAAAN, is it fast. I have maxed everything out and it runs like melted butter. The game looks fantastic and I plan on hooking it up to the television with my steam link device (once it arrives) to have a 70 inch display to play this game.

The only thing I don't like about it? Frigging UPlay.

I. Can't. Stand. That. Piece. Of. Crap. DRM.

But, since Ubisoft has my money, they don't care. :)