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New member
Jan 3, 2019
Brief introduction of structure:
RJ2 series of well type tempering furnace structure, the shell are welded by steel plate and steel cylindrical furnace. The furnace cover is made of stainless steelplate. Lining 0.6g/cm3 energy-saving ultra light porous refractory insulating brick masonry. Lining and shell layer is aluminum silicate fiber blanket insulation,insulation powder expansive space filled. Resistance wire 0Cr25Al5 high resistance alloy wire wound into a spiral installed in the furnace of the thread placing brick. Placed in the furnace of stainless steel loading basket. Lid using a manual lever lifting. In order to make uniform heating workpiece, are installed in the lid made of heat-resistant stainless steel shaft and the blower hot air circulating fan, the heating process of the workpiece, the hot air in the tempering furnace upper and lower circulation to ensure uniform heating workpiece. To ensure safe operation in the vicinity of lifting bodies with limit switch, the switch is connected to the control cabinet power interlock, a furnace cover is closed (work)is switched on. When the lid is opened time switch control to cut off power supply,so the power heating element and cut off, to ensure safe operation. Well typetempering furnace factory supporting automatic temperature control cabinet,thermocouple, a batch type furnace, for general metal parts for tempering andaluminum alloy die castings, piston, aluminum and other light alloy partsquenching, annealing, aging heat treatment in Bright Annealing Furnace