Customized Steel Framed Horse Stables

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Nov 20, 2018
Horse Barn
No matter how big the horse barn will be or used for private or business purpose, it should be designed well, durable and physically attractive. Its basic function is to keep horse safety from the bad weather and maintain the air fresh and dry inside horse barn all around the year. In consideration of safe factor of horse barn, pointed projection should not be used as much as possible, eliminate the potential risk that would cause fire and materials are strong enough not to cause harm to horses. There must be saved enough space for horse and people to pass through in the door of horse barn and stable as well as its aisle. More space should be saved for saddlery, equipment and tools related to horse. In addition, some horse barns are designed for horse to go to the grazing or riding course.
Flexibility: let presume that there is a chance for horse barn to be converted, the existing horse barn can meet the requirements for conversion. If horse barn will be converted into other practical building(such as barn, garage and warehouse) based on money-saving, this flexibility will typically add resale value to the building.
Attractiveness: beautiful design potentially increases the value of the building, adding aesthetic value while giving full play to its function with proper structural proportion
Space: horse and caring staff need enough space but excessive space will add extra expenses. But the following items must be arranged in the horse barn: stable, internal aisle, saddlery, equipment, hay, padding and storing of fodder.
Safety: horse barn should be designed and constructed to the point that can protect people and horse from potential dangers. Efforts should be made to eliminate pointed projection.
Height from floor to ceiling: lower height ceiling not only blocks air ventilation inside the horse barn and affects lighting which makes light dim, but also threaten the safety of people and horse. Under general circumstance, ceiling height is about 3-3.7meters while riding course is about 4.9-5.5meter.
Minimize the risk of fire: smoking is prohibited inside the horse barn. Precautionary measures should be taken to contain and extinguish fire in a timely manner.
Internal environment: horse barn is designed to protect people and horse and maximize pressure on people caused by rain, snow, sunshine and wind. Wind is cool in summer while in winter is biting which blows rain drop and snow flake to the horse barnCustomized Steel Framed Horse Stables