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Gaming’N Tech News #82 - Atari Co-Founder Passes Away; Battlefield 5 Controversy & Alien Asteroids

What Are We Playing This Week?

More Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition and some Left 4 Dead 2 for me and not much else. I’ve been meaning to get back into Outcase: Second Contact again to finish it up but most of my free time has been taken up with other projects and responsibilities.

How about you?

Gaming Headlines

Ubisoft Reveals Initial E3 Line-up

The Politically Incorrect (For Today’s World) Kraut Buster Launching This Summer (Arcade/NEO GEO AES)

Atari VCS Pre-Orders Open Wednesday So ExtremeTech Asks “What the hell are you getting?” - The short answer: The No Man’s Sky of microconsoles

Mario Tennis Aces Website Opens

Paying For Resident Evil 7 Cloud Version? Well That’s No Guarantee That Capcom Will Save Your Files

New Story Trailer For Upcoming World War Z Game (PC/PS4/XB1)

Tekken World Finals Coming To The Netherlands This December

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Trailer For Switch

Apple Says No To Valve’s Steam Link App

Hori Brings A Proper D-Pad To The Switch Joy-Cons

‘Active Shooter’ Looks To Be The Latest Game To Become Banned

World War 3 Reveal Trailer Coming Soon (Here’s The Quick Teaser, PC)

The Road Rash Style Game Road Redemption Headed To Switch

Curious How Battery Life-times Are With The Switch? Here’s Your Chart

Yes, There Is A Homeless Bum Simulator Now


RIP: Ted Dabney, Co-Founder Of Atari; John “Totalbiscuit” Bain - We have two game industry passings in the news this week and both were affected by cancer. Ted Dabney isn’t very well-known now as his involvement in video gaming comes from the earliest days in the business. He was an engineer at Ampex when he became friends with Nolan Bushnell and together the pair developed Computer Space at Dabney’s home. Computer Space was the first commercially produced video game, the design would set the stage for PONG and most arcade games of the 1970s. Dabney was a partner in Atari but was pushed out by Bushnell not long after it became apparent that they were going big. Dabney designed a couple of other games but then went onto other engineering projects.

“Totalbiscuit” as John Bain was known, had been a popular YouTuber and game critic. He was on the side of GamerGaters in exposing corruption within the industry, particularly behind media reporting on games. He leaves behind a wife and a child but due to his positions on GamerGate, SJWs and other lefty hypocrites in the business have been busy dancing on his grave…even those who professionally work/worked for companies like Bioware & Blizzard (NSFW ads in these latter two links)

RIP gentlemen.

Now Battlefield V Comes Along To ‘Fix History’ - Don’t worry you stupid, misogynistic gamers, our betters are in charge and they know what’s best for you. They also know that making games about historical events need to be ‘fixed’ so who better than them to be on the case? See, they have daughters and that combined with their testicles being firmly trapped within Anita’s Special Lockbox means that they are going to do what is “right” and continue to use the canvas of video games to adapt historical events to today’s feminist-focused mindset. True, none of them seem interested in making games about real women who fought in battles - it’s better and more future forward to feature a woman with a crude prosthetic arm integrated into a typical frontline unit along a guy rocking Kratos cosplay. I mean, they have just as much right to be inserted into WW2 as any other chap…err, pansexual norm person…amirite?. Sure, this trailer has received more downvotes than up-votes by fearful haters and there’s an online campaign called #NotMyBattlefield going on but you’ll come around because the “RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY” (to quote the DICE game designer behind this) always wins per the unwritten rules of virtue signaling.

If you ever wondered what the gaming world would be like with Canada’s Justin Trudeau making games, this is your answer.

Dark Souls Remastered Gets A New Trailer (PC/PS4/SW/XB1) - The game that managed to gain a positive reputation over being as tough as nails is getting the chance to work it’s way into the hearts of new gamers with a remaster. Here’s the latest trailer touting the enhancements made to the game, which is available now for everything minus the Switch (that is coming soon):

How To Promote Your Dragon Quest Mobile Game: Keep it short, simple and starring Jackie Chan:

What A Pinball Launch Party Looks Like: Stern Pinball has made a ‘thing’ out of launch parties for their latest games. While they don’t exactly coincide with the first day release of the games, they do happen early enough in the game lifecycle that most people won’t have played it yet. The latest is to promote Iron Maiden:

Technology Headlines

The Museum Of The Future Coming To Dubai

Samsung Setting Up AI Research Centers In The UK, Canada and Russia

Supercomputers Stand To Benefit From Silicon Photonics

Welcome To The Future Where Car Brakes Are Fixable In Firmware

Carnegie Mellon U. Has Developed A Self-Healing Material To Keep Electrical Conductivity Going

Who’s Ready To Shoot Laser Beams From Their Eyes?

What, Using PASSWORD As My Password Is A Bad Idea?


The Bug-A-Salt - This one is a few years old but I only stumbled across it now. LEave it up to American ingenuity to come up with a fantastic new way to kill bugs dead with a salt shotgun. Now with a laser sight!

Now It’s Time For Smart Blankets That Fold Themselves - The temperature controls are nice but talk about going for the full lazy with the self-folding blanket.

The Spider Mower - This one is also a couple of years old but I only stumbled across it this week. While I’m sure it would be perfectly useful on flat ground, it was specifically designed for bumpy, steep and overgrown terrain:

Space Pr0n Of The Week: Alien Asteroid? - You likely recall last year when an interstellar asteroid was discovered passing through our solar system. While that was significant for a number of reasons, it might not be quite alone. A study is claiming that 2015 BZ509, as it is called, came from an interstellar neighbor back when our solar system was still forming. Now I wouldn’t call this set in stone…it is a weird object in that it’s locked in resonance with Jupiter’s gravitational tugs, having a retrograde orbit that interacts with the big planet twice an orbit. Computer simulations dating back to the formation of the solar system can be fun but I don’t know that they should qualify as being the ‘only’ explanation for strange orbits.

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