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Gaming’N Tech Thread #84 - Yuge E3 2018 Edition

Because E3 is happening at the moment, I’m going to eschew the normal format for this thread and focus mainly on headlines. As always there is A LOT of stuff to go over and I’m certainly not including everything announced out there. But first, some predictions from a month ago that hit the nail on the head:

Alphabetically going by company:

E3 Headlines / Microsoft XBox One

For those that don’t have that kind of time:

Microsoft continues to buy up studios left and right to create content but I just don’t see them breaking through the PS4’s hold when every “exclusive” they can brag about is also going to “Windows 10”. Granted, PC Master Racers aren’t complaining about that. The big names announced: Halo Infinite, Gears Of War 5,Forza Horizon 4, Shadow Of The Tomb Raider; Just Cause 4, Crackdown 3; Fallout 76; Devil May Cry 5;  Just note that most everything is 2019.

Summary Of Everything Announced For Xbox One In The Presser - If you want more details than the trailer above

Battletoads Returning In 2019 - No screenshots or gameplay footage yet though

E3 Headlines / Nintendo Switch

Someone at Nintendo decided that all people care about is Super Smash Bros. so they dedicated 25 minutes of their 42 minute Direct in front of the world just to this game. Smash fans are greatly pleased but for the rest of us, or at least me, it felt like a waste of time. Yeah, I get it - Smash pays their bills more than other franchises and for some, that’s the only reason they’re into Nintendo. But given they have their Treehouse format that immediately spent more time on the game, I just would have liked to have seen a few other titles. Admittedly, I was there for Metroid Prime 4 but it appears it won’t be ready until late 2019 so no dice. Smash Bros Ultimate releases this December and will also support Gamecube controllers. If Smash is your thing though, here’s the Treehouse gameplay with the game’s director.

As a note for one of our resident commentors (CP1), the designer of Armored Core is working on the new Daemon X Machina, the first game shown of the Direct. So Armored Core does indeed live on…in some way

For other stuff that was in the Direct trailer up-front: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 DLC; Pokémon Let’s Go Pickachu and Pokéball Plus; Super Mario Party; Fire Emblem Three Houses; Fortnite (Available now for free; this is probably one of the bigger news items for Switch apart from Smash); Overcooked 2 and Killer Queen Black; Dragonball Fighter Z; Captain Toad Treasure Tracker; Carcassonne; Fifa 19; SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy; Ark: Survival Evolved; Dark Souls Remastered; Mario Tennis Aces; then Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Konami Announces Hyper Sports R For Switch

Monster Boy And The Cursed Kingdom E3 Trailer

RPG Maker MV Headed To Switch

Starlink Battle For Atlas Still Requires a 15GB Download On Switch If You Buy The Physical Version

Switch Getting 5 Bargain Bin Quality Games This October

E3 Headlines / PC Master Race

In case it doesn’t work through the embed, the actual show doesn’t start until 20:55

I didn’t have the time to watch through all of this but some parts I caught showed a lot of DLC coming down the pipe for a variety of games..

Sega Bringing Yakuza 0, Yakuza Kiwami & Valkyria Chronicles 4 to PC

You Don’t Know The POWER Of The PC Side (Play Yakuza 0 at 4k, 120FPS)

E3 Headlines / Sony PlayStation 4

The Last Of Us Part II (as a note, the game director is a true blue SJW and has said that the more people complain, the more Left-wing garbage he’ll shove into his games); some PSVR stuff that no one will remember; Destiny 2 Forsaken; Ghost Of Tsushima(I personally found this one to be the most interesting new game shown so far); Resident Evil 2 Remake; Kingdom Hearts 3; Death Stranding; NIOH 2; Spider-Man; Deracine (PSVR)

Tetris Effect Announced For PS4 - Time to get weird

Fist Of The North Star: Lost Paradise Coming In Oct.

Catherine: Full Body E3 Trailer

General Gaming Headlines (For stuff hitting multiple platforms)

A new Madden, new FIFA, Battlefield SJW and new Anthem footage

In Summary: Rage 2 (2019), Elder Scrolls 6 teased along with other TES mobile updates; Doom Eternal; Wolfenstein Young Blood & Wolfenstien Cyberpilot (VR); Fallout 76 coming this November and is an always online game; Updates for Quake Champions & Prey; Fallout Shelter released for PS4/Switch and finally, they are doing an original IP for a change, a space game called Starfield.

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, Just Cause 4, Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy XIV X Monster Hunter World; Dragon Quest XI; Babylon’s Fall. Anyone hoping for release date info on Final Fantasy VII REmake have come away sorely disappointed but it is Squenix so fans shouldn’t be shocked.

Games revealed: Assassin’s Creed OdysseyTom Clancy’s The Division 2; The Crew 2; Beyond Good & Evil 2; Starlink: Battle For Atlas (which also has a StarFox connection for the Switch version); Skull & Bones; Just Dance 2019 (coming to the Wii & WiiU as well)

#MechAmericaGreatAgain Through Devolver Digital’s Metal Wolf Chaos XD Melts Snowflakes

VR Amusement Gets The Biggest Roll-Out Yet As Dave & Busters Launches The Jurassic World VR Expedition At 100 Locations

Terminator Salvation Rides To VR’s Rescue

Serious Sam 4: PLanet Badass Screenshots

Team Sonic Racing, 3 Minutes Of Gameplay

The World’s First “Drinkcade” Is Now Available For Bars To Buy

Devil May Cry 5 Reveal (PC/PS4/XB1; Spring 2019)

Metro Exodus Unveiled For 2019 (PC/PS4/XB1)

Sidescrolling Sci-Fi Thriller By Team 17 Coming In 2018 (PC/PS4/SW/XB1) - Glad to see these guys making something other than Worms for a change 😛

Cyberpunk 2077 Revealed For PC/XB1

Hitman 2 Announced, Coming Nov 2018 (PC/PS4/XB1)

Koei Tecmo Announces Dead Or Alive 6 (PC/PS4/XB1), Will No Longer Focus On Bewbs 

Warriors Orochi 4 Footage (PC/PS4/SW/XB1)

Grimshade Trailer, RPG for PC & Switch

Nicalis Announces RemiLore Diablo Style Game For PC/PS4/SW/XB1

V-Rally 4 Trailer (PC/PS4/SW/XB1)

JJ Abrams Now Getting Into Video Games - Bcuz MOAR LENS FLARS will help

Ikaruga: The Sega Dreamcast version Vs. The Nintendo Switch

Sega Returns To Making Home Hardware! Well, A Toaster

Racing Apex Still Looking Fantastic (If You Like The Sharp Flat-Shaded Poly Look)

Technology Headlines

Because there is an overwhelming amount of stuff to cover in gaming this week, not focusing too much on the tech side

Yahoo Messenger Shutting Down July 17th - Filed Under: “Wait, Yahoo Messenger still exists?”

The Intel 8086 Turns 40 - If you were curious where the term “x86” came from, it was this important CPU

TCL Launches The Blackberry Key2 - More power & features than the KeyOne, as you’d expect but for some bizarre reason, this writer at PCWorld hates physical keyboards with the passion of 1,000 supernovas


Magic Leap Shows Up To The Party & Underwhelms - I’ve been hearing about Magic Leap for years now, frequently perplexed when I hear about them raising millions…eventually surpassing billions…of dollars without ever showing off a working demo or releasing an actual product. However, when you run a hype machine that hard and raise that much capital, good luck at living up to the monster you’ve created. The short of it is that this is supposed to offer true Augmented Reality glasses (they insist on calling it Mixed Reality though (MXR) but true MXR is Star Trek’s Holodeck, which requires no wearables), providing quality that has been claimed to be akin to turning a hallucination on & off in your brain. The problem is that the reality of what has been finally shown so far falls well short of AR contact lenses with something that is more like a goofy looking version of the Microsoft HoloLens. Here’s the underwhelming ‘meet & greet’ with the tech that disappointed plenty of potential buyers:

Space Pr0n Of The Week: The movement Of Jupiter’s Clouds - The benefit of having a probe so close to a planet are the unique observations that can be made. Here, data from Juno shows several seconds of Jupiter’s clouds in motion:

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