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Gaming’N Tech Thread #87 - Independently Forged Entertainment Headlines

What Are We Playing This Week?

I’ve sunk a little more time into my Addams Family pinball machine, followed but some gaming on my Atari Lynx (Paperboy, Desert Strike, Kung Food). I also started on Lost Castle for PC, which is decent fun. I wanted to spend more time on Hyrule Warriors for the Switch but time got the best of me.

How about you? What are you going to play to celebrate America’s Independence?

Gaming Headlines

Halo To Become A TV Series

PUBG Corp. Drops Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Against Epic Over Fortnite

Ex-Comedian/Leftist Bonehead Jim Carrey To Play Live-Action Dr. Robotnik In Upcoming Sonic The Hedgehog Movie

Google Looking To Join The Console War? - Take it with a grain of salt until something is announced; the same has been said about Apple & Amazon in the past

Shenmue III’s Minimum PC Spec Revealed, Requires A Mere 100GB Of Storage Space - That’s A LOT of QTE’s

The Darius Cozmic Collection Headed To Nintendo Switch Feb. 2019 - Darius fans can rejoice but Special Edition is about $115

For The Legend Of Zelda Fan In Your Life

If You’re Into Myst III & IV, Has Them On Sale (First Time In A While) - also has other Myst titles available

More Mega Man 11 Details

Code Vein Gameplay (PC/PS4/XB1)

More Footage From Ubisoft’s Upcoming Starlink: Battle For Atlas

Out In Joisey? The New Jersey Gamer Con Is Happening This Weekend

Kotaku Fails At Esports, Closing Down ‘Compete’ - NSFW ads at the link

The Sega Master System: A Visual Compendium Raising Funds On Kickstarter - For fans of Sega’s NES competitor

Today’s post is brought to you by: Healthy Rivalries:


Not a lot of big news this week (still in the E3 hangover period) so it’s a little light

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Platform Comparison - For those who enjoy the rivalry of game consoles and seeing who best handles which multi-platform game the best, here’s a new comparison of the different editions of the new Crash Bandicoot games across the modern platforms. I have to wonder if Nintendo will be offering up their own supercharged version of the Switch around 2019 for their own 4K gaming glory:

How To Gain A Record In Fortnite - Be A Douche: While everyone else was calling a truce to watch the big rocket event in the Fortnite universe this past week, one player saw the perfect troll opportunity - one that would gain him a recrod and instant infamy points:

Homebrew of the Week: Ray’s Reprisal (ZX Spectrum) - If you’re a fan of the little black British computer and always desired to see how it would handle Atari’s Yars’ Revenge, well you are in luck. You only had to wait about 40 years 😛

Technology Headlines

Facebook Files For A Patent On The Kind Of Spying They Say They Never Do And TRUST THEM, They Totally Won’t Use It

Microsoft “Quietly” Working On A Portable ‘Surface’ Replacement - The design sorta reminds me of the 3DS

While 3,000 Google Employees Threw A Hissy Fit Over Helping The US Military, They Have No Qualms About Helping China’s Forces - Back in the day we’d call these types “Traitorous Scum”

Speaking Of USA Vs. China, We’re Beating Them In The Supercomputer Game Again Thanks To The New IBM Summit

Singapore Team Develops Innovative Method To 3D Print Wood; Can Be Done On A Mass Scale

Latest Massive Data Breach Affects Our First Responders

Popular Namequiz Facebook App Also Has Been Exposing Data Of Millions (For Years)

The FDA Approves A Drug That Reduces Excessive Sweating

CO2 Shortage Causing Headaches For Bars

Ye Olde Cars Can Still Race The Track Just Fine


The ISS Receives An AI Drone, CIMON - Designed by IBM and using their Watson AI technology, a new interactive robot has been sent to the International Space Station to become a permanent fixture there. 2001: A Space Odyssey memes have a new life with this one but until it refuses to open the pod bay doors, I’m sure the ISS crew will be embracing their new robot overlordcompanion.

SD Cards Soon To Reach 128TB Capacity - What a time to be alive, especially if you remember loading programs from giant floppy disks. The upcoming SD Express standard has a roadmap that puts the ceiling of capacity on something as large as a stamp up to 128 TeraBytes of data.

UK Company Tokomak Energy Aims For Compact Nuclear Fusion - Thanks to high-temperature superconductors, this UK company is on their way towards making something that can produce energy for the grid although by their own map it will still be about 15 years until that phase is reached. Read more details here; here is a trailer of their current prototype reactor being built:

NASA Sending A Helicopter Drone To Mars - Marking the first time that a helicopter will operate on a celestial body apart from Earth, NASA is set to have this engineering wonder take place in 2021. If you click on the link below, they get into detail as to how they built the unit to operate in Mars’ thin atmosphere:

Space Pr0n Of The Day: A Whole New World - Only 370 light-years from Earth lies PDS70, a young star (young in this case being about 5-6 million years old) who is going through the process of starting a family. The ESO’s  Very Large Telescope captured this rare look at the birth of at least one of those new planets, a bigger-than-Jupiter sphere that despite the apparent proximity to the star by this image is actually about a billion miles away from the star (about the same as Uranus is from our Sun although it’s possible it is a little farther out). Otherwise all we can tell is it’s a gaseous place and about 1000Cin temperature right now - something that will certainly cool off over time while some of the immediate surrounding cloud will turn into moons and/or rings.

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