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Gaming’N Tech Thread #88 - New Intellivision Details; Powered Clothing & More

What Are We Playing This Week?

This past week I played more The Addams Family pinball until one of the flippers broke but that was pretty much it. With the kids home and hogging the game consoles and the 4th of July, I’ve been busy with other things that have not allowed me to fit gaming into the free time schedule, particularly in ‘burning the midnight oil’ to get my next book finished for a release this month.

How about you?

Gaming Headlines

The Upcoming Resident Evil 2 Is “Not A Remake”

Halo: Fireteam Raven Lands At Dave & Busters Locations Across The US

Ruffled Feathers Of The Week: Discussing Naughty Dog’s SJW Agenda Is A No-No

Warframe Finally Landing On The Nintendo Switch

Shenmue I & II Remakes Launching On August 21st

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Gets New DLC - From The Ashes

Atari Warlords Meets Street Fighter In Ultra Space Battle Brawl - Color me intrigued

Dead Island 2 Is Still Apparently In Development

House Of The Dead Scarlet Dawn To Launch At Dave & Busters This Fall

Squenix Opens NA Site For Octopath Traveler

One Of The Few Americans Interested In Soccer? Then Ganbare!’s Tactical RPG Soccer Play Should Satisfy

Mutant Football League Headed To Consoles (PC/PS4/Switch/XB1) September 18

SNK 40th Anniversary Collection Headed To Switch This November

Nintendo Switch Flip Grip In Action With Donkey Kong & Strikers 1945

The Latest Hollytard To Dump On His Potential Customers Is The Director Of The Next Spider-Man Movie

Bethesda Takes A Shot At Sony For Preventing Crossplay On Fallout 76

Atari Was At E3 2018 And Revealed Atari Flashback Classics For Switch - The most complete version of them all, more sensible/affordable than buying an Ataribox.


Curtain Pulled Back On The Mattel Intellivision Revival Console - I’ve spent a bit of text here on SR in regards to the Ataribox/Atari VCS and the unfortunate sham it is(among their other stumbles). However Atari is not the only company looking to revive their greatness from the 80s - the Intellivision is also getting a reboot/revival. The console does not have an official name yet and it is not being done under the Mattel name but from the initial PR circuit, they are already showing a far more competent and professional than what Atari has done. Granted, they can always end up stumbling but for this initial reveal, we have a better idea of who this console is for and what it entails.

IGN Has the “first reveal” from Tommy Tallarico has additional details - overall, it will not use the crowdfunding scheme like Atari has; they are looking at under $180 (compared to the Atari VCS’s $300), it will come with two wireless controllers and they will bring the ‘dial’ back (Atari VCS you have to buy them low-cost games (between $3-$7); it will have console exclusives (with chances of various INTV exclusives coming back); it will not have any M or even T rated games (he says E only); it will not have 3D games, which is an interesting, if not risky path to take. That said, Mr. Tallarico does discuss playing something like Pitfall with photorealistic graphics and the console has an HDMI. We’ll probably have to wait until October 1 for the next big reveal of news but unless they pull what Atari did and go around lying to journalists and their fans, I think the Next Intellivision is sounding all right.

Rainbow Cult Takes Direct Aim At SJWs - Social Justice Warriors are cultural poison everywhere they set their sites and one game has set out to push back with Rainbow Cult. You find yourself at a company called “Oogle” where the challenge is to reach higher floors with SJWs everywhere to be found who will take offense at everything. You can stop them with hug circles, safe spaces and more on your way up.

World War 3 Devs Get Hands-On With Guns - Part of game development is research and in researching a first-person shooter war game, developers Farm 51 took a trip to the firing range to get a feel for real world weapons. This quick trailer seems like a pretty good way to continue building up the hype:

Squad-based Tactical Shooter Ground Branch Headed To PCs In August - If you grew up playing tactical shooters then this one claims to bring them back and without needing to come from a major studio. Find out more about this one here.

Technology Headlines

Wing Inflatables Working On A Solution To Rescue Trapped Soccer Team In Thailand

Elon Musk & SpaceX Also Working To Offer A Rescue Solution

Credible Guesses As To What Is In Store For the Next iPhone & iPad Series

For Those Who Prefer Finding Out About One Of The Next Samsung Products - And the Galaxy Note 9

Microsoft To Launch An Affordable 10″ Surface This Week?

This Is Why I Have Little Interest In Apple Computing, Expensive Nightmares For Repairs

Chinese Company Begins Making CPUs Based On AMD’s Zen Architecture 

Good Thing The Communists Really Care About People, Amirite? - Next up they’ll “fix” their population problems by building launch pads directly over the town

Diamonds Might Be The Key For Quantum Communication Networks

Major Engine Upgrade Proposed For The F-35

Phone Calling Dead? - The Age Of Video Calls as envisioned by Olde Sci-Fi is around the corner any time now 😛

Photovoltage Record Made In New Solar Cell Design

Kenyan Rural Areas Getting Google Internet Via Balloons

Replace Your Self-Driving Car’s Windshield, Veer Into On-coming Traffic

100kW Lasers Being Created For US Medium Tactical Vehicles

Facebook Broke Their Own “Rules” To Share Data With VIP Customers - Will MuellerTime investigate Zuckerberg for years since one of those VIPs was THE RUSSIANS? The answer is ‘no’, of course. Either way, Dump Facebook, Go to MeWe


Powered Clothing For The Elderly - Exoskeletons/exosuits are on their way up as the tech has progressed to a point where functionality and practicality are meeting at the same point. This company called Seismec has tested them with elderly volunteers to show their potential, which can also assist children with muscular dystrophy or adults who have suffered from a mobility crisis such as a stroke. Seismic aims to have these Powered Clothing exosuits out by the end of the year:

Blue Frontiers Aiming To Fund Floating Cities With Their Varyon Cryptocurrency - WE’ve mentioned this “seasteading” company before, which offers the liberty-minded premise of “…Governments will no longer have a monopoly on the space where citizens live and businesses conduct their commercial activities. Instead governments will need to act like service providers, competing to attract citizens and businesses.” They are seeking to sell a cryptocurrency called Varyon to raise funds for this seasteading operation, with a hope to have the first modular sea-city/nation states built and operational by 2021. It all seems to be a long-shot but I guess we’ll see if this “variation in governance” would vary away from socialism (which most nation states gravitate towards) and more towards capitalism:

IBM Unveils Project Debater - If you want to know what arguing with a machine is like, then IBM has you covered with their latest extension of their AI research. It’s the “first AI system that can debate humans on complex topics”, which would be interesting to see how it would handle the illogical emotional ramblings of a Leftist where their deck of Identity Cards is all they have in the bank. Hopefully we’ll have a Captain Kirk on hand if it ever got out of control with a taste for exterminating all carbon units:

MIT’s Blind Cheetah - Now for a versatile, durable robot that “sees” with it’s feet, the third in the series:

Space Pr0n Of The Week: Star Clouds - This image below is known as M24: The Sagittarius Star Cloud. Thanks to a “break” in the interstellar dust, some of the stars on the left side of the image are as far as 10,000 light-years away.

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