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Gaming/Tech Thread #98 - Playstation Goes Classic; Subor Z-Plus; 3D Metal Printing

Welcome to the 98th weekly Gaming & Tech Thread. This might be one of the last ones, as I’ve noticed that overall, these receive little interaction and interest here. Which is understandable - most people come here for political talk, not the subject matter of these particular threads. It’s a lot of work that has gone into it and it has been fun, but it does take a bit of effort, especially on busy weekends. I’ll have to apply myself to coming up with more political articles.

What Are We Playing This Week?

I’ve spent more time playing Wyvern Tales on the Atari Lynx, leveling my little band of fighters up as best I can, with a little bit of Lost Castle on PC. How about you?

Gaming Headlines

New Non-Gameplay Trailer For Death Stranding

Telltale Games Closes, Cancels Remaining Projects

11th Big Buck Hunter Championships Take Place In Vegas Next Month; $100k Up For Grabs 

Comparing the NES Across Various Available Platforms

Terminally Ill Gamer Gets A Chance To Play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy Coming To PC Next Year

Current Sales On The Nintendo Switch eShop

Debris Infinity - A Game For Scratching That Asteroids Itch

Australia Coming After Loot Boxes Too

12 Minutes Of Sekiro Shadows Die Twice (PS4)

The Perfect Bus For That Pokémon Fan In Your Life

Developer Walk-Through On Everspace For Switch

Valkyria Chronicles 4 Launches Tomorrow for PC/PS4/SW/XB1

Devil Engine Announced For Arcade/PS4/Switch

New Trailer For Warriors Orochi 4

Hamster Announces Next Batch Of Neo Geo & Arcade Archives Releases For Switch

Devil May Cry 5 Footage On Xbox One X


Sony Joins The Mini-Console Party - Atari, Nintendo and Sega have long been putting out different iterations of their 1980s/90s consoles, but none have been as successful as what Nintendo has made. Sony saw that and wondered “why are WE printing that sweet money?” Lo and behold, we now will have the PlayStation Classic. Leave it to Sony to put zero original thought into the name, but of course they’ve never been known for being at the forefront of such things(What’s their next console going to be called? Well, no one in Vegas is going to be placing bets). This will come with 20 games (only 5 of which have been officially announced so far, but I found this on Gab shortly before press time) and PSX controllers, all for $100. Coming December 3rd:

Introducing PlayStation Classic

PlayStation Classic available 12.3.18. Learn more at “PlayStation” and the “PS” Family logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. All games featured are trademarked and copyrighted properties of their respective publishers and/or licensors

Call Of Duty Goes Black For The 4th Time (PC/PS4/XB1) - It’s that time of year again, where we get another new Call Of Duty game.This is your typical modern mash-up of a little gameplay mixed in with a lot of cutscenes or pre-rendered stuff; the Battle Royale mode is getting a bit more attention than the Zombies mode…either way, are you going to be playing or passing on this one?

Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 - Launch Gameplay Trailer

On October 12, the world goes black. It’s time to soldier up. For Black Ops at its best. ✅ All-new Blackout Battle Royale mode ✅ The next evolution of Multiplayer ✅ 3 Zombies Experiences Pre-order Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 now, available October 12th.

The Pros & Cons Of Nintendo Online - The new Nintendo Switch Online service hasn’t exactly been a smooth launch, coming with certain caveats that has many gamers either up in arms or at least scratching their heads. This video breaks down the good & the bad::

Nintendo Switch Online’s Pros And Cons

In this excerpt from The Game Informer Show podcast, Ben Hanson, Brian Shea, Kyle Hilliard, and Ben Reeves share early impressions of Nintendo Switch Online and what it’s like to play NES games on our Nintendo Switch. Subscribe to Game Informer’s podcast here -

Digital Foundry’s Hands-On With The AMD-powered Subor Z-Plus Console - Gamers have been curious about this odd chinese console since it was first announced, and now Digital Foundry has your first look at it. This one mainly turned heads because it’s an AMD Ryzen/Vega powered console:

Hands-On: Subor Z Plus Chinese PC/Console Hybrid - Ryzen+Vega AMD Analysis!

Last month, Zhongshan Subor announced a new China-only console featuring a Ryzen CPU with Radeon Vega graphics in a brand-new AMD SoC! We were so intrigued by the hardware that we contacted Subor and got a test unit sent to the UK.

Technology Headlines

Purdue University Achieves A Breakthrough In Sodium-Ion Battery Production

MIT Develops A Lithium Metal/Carbon Dioxide Battery

Google’s Chinese Search Engine Is The Wet Dream Of Tech Tyrants (Techrants?) Everywhere

MicroSoft Backs Down From Telling You To Not Download Their Competitor Browsers…For Now

Intel Moves Some Chips Back To 22nm To Help Address Production Crunch

Vulcan (Star Trek) Confirmed?

The Hardest Known Substance In The Universe - Nuclear Pasta

The Apple Deleting Movies Story Was A Little More Complicated Than First Reported

US Army Working On The Strategic Long Range Cannon With 1150 Mile Range

No Credible Competition In The Electric Car Space For Tesla Until 2020

Darpa Spending Some Cash On Breakthrough Space Propulsion

The Wages Of Communism - The Death of Prosperity And Returning To The Stone Ages

Japanese Fashion Tycoon Yusaku Maezawa Is SpaceX’s First Lunar Tourist


HP’s 3D Metal Jet Printers - It’s not surprising that a printer manufacturer would embrace 3D printing tech. HP has been developing metal jet printers that can produce low-cost, high-quality parts with “50 times” the productivity that is found in competing metal printer technology. HP has now launched their Metal Jet Production service, allowing their clients to quickly produce 3D parts in volume. More details can be found here.

See How the New HP Metal Jet Technology Works | Jet Fusion 3D Printing | HP

With the introduction of HP Metal Jet technology, HP is continuing to unlock the full potential of 3D printing, a new paradigm of design and manufacturing that will drive the 4th industrial revolution. Go behind the scenes to see how the new HP Metal Jet technology enhances 3D printing and increases productivity.

The Wattway Solar Road Panels - I remember hearing about these a couple of years ago; the typical group of FB friends posted about them, then there was silence. The companies making such things generally tend to over-promise what can actually be done with such tech, so I’m still a little skeptical that they are “all that,” until they can be shown to operate after Winter and don’t end up costing too much to maintain/replace:

New Road solar panels - Green energy project | Solar panels in the Roads | #Technologies

This is New Road in the with a coating of special panels. The experimental section of the road is in Normandy. One kilometer of the road can provide energy for 5,000 inhabitants. To learn more, visit Wattway: Do not miss the new videos #TVOneonlineTV Recommended!

Space Pron Of The Week: Hopping Asteroids - This week, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) celebrated an awesome achievement of landing 2 rovers onto the asteroid known as Ryugu.  As the body in question is a little under 3,000 ft. in diameter, the gravity isn’t very significant, so the rovers are “bouncing” around the asteroid as opposed to driving. Here’s one “fish lens” image, showing that’s it’s just a big pile of rocks in space..

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