Best Memes of the Week, Free Of Russian Collusion!

By running this thread, we’re upsetting many politicians both here (of the Democrat party) and prissy bureaucrats over in the EU.

Which is only a good thing!

Let’s start with the big F’n deal of the week, the hotly anticipated MUELLERTIME Report and attempted coup against Donald Trump by the Obama Administration/DOJ/FBI.

This is my kids:

We demand that all Deer caution signs be replaced this more accurate version:

If you ever need to hit up a place with real collusion going on, just go to Chicago:

Good luck with that, champ:

It’s always a good idea to run your headlines through an editor first:

Speaking of Disney, the Mouse announced yesterday that they would be banning certain items from their Disneyland and Walt Disney World theme parks. Items such as ice, large strollers, smoking, and vaping will no longer be welcome at the happiest and most magical places on earth. The ban goes into effect May 1st.

That makes this particular meme oddly prophetic:

Disney Meme

When all of the Smart Class is demanding that taxpayers bail them out on their student loan debt:

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