Omar and Tlaib Share Anti-Semitic Cartoon By Winner of Iran “International Holocaust Cartoon Contest” to Their Instagram Pages reports that

Reps. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., and Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., continue to speak out against President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu following the decision to bar them from visiting Israel last week, but now recent social media posts from the freshman congresswomen – part of the “Squad” that includes Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley — include a political cartoon from an artist celebrated for his anti-Semitic imagery.

Tlaib and Omar posted to their Instagram stories a cartoon which depicts Netanyahu silencing Tlaib by covering her mouth, and Trump doing the same to Omar, The Jewish Daily Forward’s Batya Ungar-Sargon noticed.

“The more they try to silence us, our voices rise. The more they try to weaken us, the stronger we become. The more they try to discredit us, the truth prevails,” was the statement included in Tlaib’s post.

Ungar-Sargon pointed out that the artist who drew the cartoon, Carlos Latuff, has a history of cartoons that compare Israel to Nazis, including an entry in the 2006 Iran Holocaust Cartoon Contest that won him second place.

Latuff himself shared the cartoon on his Twitter page, and early Sunday morning he posted a link to an interview he did with the Forward where he discussed his controversial artwork. He defended his use of the Holocaust to criticize Israel’s treatment of Palestinians, even while acknowledging that the two are not exactly the same.

“Of course Israel isn’t building gas chambers in the West Bank, but surely we can find some similarities between the treatment given to Palestinians by the [Israel Defense Forces] and the Jews under Nazi rule,” Latuff said.

Earlier this month, the U.S. State Department updated its definition of “anti-Semitism” to include “Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis.” This was after Omar introduced a resolution that endorsed the use of boycotts, specifically referring to their past use against Nazi Germany.

When confronted with criticism of his use of “traditional anti-Semitic motifs,” Latuff insisted, “My cartoons have no focus on the Jews or on Judaism. My focus is Israel as a political entity[.]” He did not explain why it was necessary to use anti-Jewish tropes to criticize Israel, other than to say, “It happens to be Israeli Jews that are the oppressors of Palestinians.”

Still, when pressed on the issue, he did say, “No doubt about real anti-Semitism. Of course you’ll have people hijacking the Palestinian struggle as a chance for bashing the Jews, like European neo-Nazis who demonstrate against the occupation of Palestinian territories or the Iraq War. It’s important for the left to keep them apart from the legitimate struggle for the rights of the Palestinians.”

He denied, however, that being anti-Zionist is anti-Semitic.

It is unclear whether Tlaib or Omar were aware of Latuff’s history when they shared the recent cartoon. Fox News reached out to both lawmakers, but they did not immediately respond.

Back in 2011, David Mamet, a former Liberal turned Conservative author wrote a book titled, The Secret Knowledge: On the Dismantling of American Culture, which studied in depth the themes he announced in his 2008 op-ed for the Village Voice, “Why I Am No Longer a ‘Brain-Dead Liberal.’

On June 11th, 2011,’s Rick Richman posted an article, reviewing Mamet’s new book. In this article, the author touched upon the subject of Liberal Anti-Semitism:

In a chapter entitled “The Intelligent Person’s Guide to Socialism and Anti-Semitism,” he first argues that “social justice” is a sort of Sunday religion that does not carry over to the pressures of the workweek, and he illustrates his thought as follows:

One may bemoan the plight of the Palestinians, who have elected a government of terrorists and daily bomb their neighbor to the West, but we realize that any support past the sentimental is elective: we do not want to live there, nor to go there, and we blink at the knowledge that monies spent in their support may be diverted to the support of terror, and of organizations pledged not only to kill all the Jews, but to kill Americans and Westerners of all faiths.

Where does sympathy stop, and where may it not become sanctimony and hypocrisy?

And then he answers his own question with a mini-drama:

Our American plane has been forced to land at some foreign airport, by the outbreak of World War III. It will not be allowed to depart. Two planes are leaving the airport; we must choose which we want to board. One plane is flying to Israel and one to Syria, and we must choose.

That’s where the sympathy stops.

No one reading this book would get on the plane to Syria. Why? It is a despotism, opposed to the West, to women, to gays, to Jews, to free speech. … And yet one may gain status or a feeling of solidarity by embracing the “Arab cause.”

Mamet’s mini-drama works even if you believe Israel is not a “laudable precious democracy” but “guilty of all the horrors” alleged against it:

I assert that you would still fight with every force and argument at your command to get on the Israeli plane, you and every hard Leftist and every head-shaking misinformed One Worlder and anti-Semite up to and including Jimmy Carter and Noam Chomsky, would, if the issue were his life, suspend his most cherished convictions of Israeli perfidy, and plead for the protection of that state you would then not only acknowledge but assert to be your ally …

There is nothing any reader of this book would not say or do to get himself and his family on the Israeli plane.

I believe that what Mamet said back then is still, to a great extent, true.

However, he could not have foreseen the election to Congress of Radical Islamist Ideologues like Omar and Tlaib.

These two ungrateful wretches have foresworn their oath as members of Congress in order to show Americans exactly where their loyalty lies.

It is not with the United States of America and her allies but rather with the enemies of America, practitioners of the same political ideology masquerading as a religion as the madmen who killed over 3,000 Americans on OUR soil on September 11, 2001.

For Omar and Tlaib to be so hate-filled as to post a carton of someone like Latuff is not only maddening, but also downright scary.

It is beyond credulity that the Democratic Party’s Hierarchy is sitting back and allowing Omar, Tlaib, and the rest of the “Squad” to continue to be the face of their party.

Now, I did not believe that the Dems had a chance to win the 2020 Presidential Election before the Squad “took all of the air out of the room”.

However, if the Powers That Be in the Democratic Party are content with being seen as a bunch of anti-Semitic Socialist Whack Jobs, then more power to them.

Here’s another shovel, y’all. Use both hands to dig that hole.

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