The Trump “Will He or Won’t He?” Rally from Cincinnati

President Trump will hold a campaign rally tonight at the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The venue holds 18,000, and of course there will be the usual packed house.

The last few weeks have been eventful ones for the President, with wins on a failed impeachment vote in the House, the disastrous Mueller testimony, and PR wars with The Squad and Elijah Cummings dominating the news.

Much was made of the “send them back” chants at Trump’s last rally, in response to his attacks on The Squad and their disdain for America.

I called my go-to source in such matters, Mr. Hank the Dachshund, and asked if he thought Trump would again go after The Squad and Cummings, or if he might avoid the subject.

Hank laughed, and while snacking on Beggin’ Strips, predicted that Trump will gut them like hogs, although he may mildly admonish the crowd about any “send them back” chants.

,Hank also expects Trump to roundly mock the Democrat POTUS candidate clown troop, with plenty of material provided by the Dems themselves at their wildly liberal “debates” this week.

In any case, the rally begins at 7 PM Eastern time, and can be watched via livestream on the Right Side Broadcasting Network via the following link:

Enjoy, and see you in the cements!

Update: RSBN seems to be acting up. Here’s Fox News:

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Written by Bizchuck

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